The most ridiculous man facts

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The life of a man you should know is not just about love. Their way of thinking is much different from women, leading to many actions that can sometimes trigger arguments in your relationship. In fact, the reason could be trivial things that make no sense to you. Here are some secrets revealed by Woman.

“I like your magazine”

His closet shelves are probably filled with automotive and music magazines, and he scoffs when you’re busy admiring the glossy pages of women’s magazines. But try leaving your magazines in his room for a few days, and you can bet he’ll be flipping through the pages of those beautiful, sexy women! Not only is he interested in the pictures, he’s also interested in knowing what women want and how they think.

Problems with timing

Women are often annoyed by men who seem to ‘hang’ on to relationships and end up in limbo. But the fact is that men are also often confused by their own timing. He’s interested in you, but doesn’t want to appear rushed so he decides to pretend to be friends first. After a while he’s still confused by the ‘is it too soon?’ to approach you, until finally he gets fed up with himself and decides to look for another opportunity. Ridiculous? Yes.

Don’t like to be talked about

Watch how your man reacts when he finds out you’re telling your friends about your vacation together. Whether he seems interested or nonchalant, there’s an underlying concern about what you’re telling him and what other women think of him. He might not ask in detail what your friends say about him. This will really disturb a man’s heart.

We love gossip!

“Who wouldn’t be tempted to join the conversation when our front office girl suddenly goes home with the boss?”, is how men often answer when asked if they like to gossip. Although the topic of their gossip is usually not far from love, sex and money.

Men get PMS too

What are your PMS symptoms? More sensitive and irritable, more ‘flirty’ about appearance, feeling very insecure which happens at least once a month, it turns out that men experience it too. You see, there must be times when he asks if the clothes he’s wearing are matching enough, if his face is shiny, and so on.

Allergy to sex toys

Seeing a woman engrossed in sex toys is sure to make a man very excited. But bringing your sex toys with you when you’re intimate with him? A cloud of worry will immediately cover a man’s mind when he sees you can’t get away from the sex toy, worried that its ability to satisfy you is inferior to the mainstay sex toy!

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